The 38,600 square meters production base of Rovnik adopts a large-scale garden desig, with investment of millions of yuan to purchase dust-free equipment to purify every breath of air. A fresh and natural working environment is the greatest respect for man and nature. Everything is only for the implementation of the environmental protection concept of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.


Rovnik is well versed in the reciprocity of the harmonious symbiosis between human
beings and the natural ecology, and in the process of product development and design,
we have always adhered to this environmental protection concept.

Rovnik respects nature, advocates nature and the protection of ecosystems. We are familiar with the harmonious symbiosis between human beings and natural ecology, so Rovnik has always upheld this environmental protection concept throughout the product development and design process. Years of experience have enabled us to know the characteristics and applications of materials. We make full use of professional knowledge to polish each piece of Rovnik's products, making Rovnik's wood products series unique, and the beauty of wood is concise and clear to bring out the ultimate beauty and excellent texture, so as to obtain more customer satisfaction and recognition. At the same time, we have complete and excellent material suppliers. All raw materials and technical components are provided by selected reliable suppliers, and have been certified as reliable, in line with applicable current safety standards and environmental protection standards.

From sheet material selection to positive angle cutting, 45° processing operations, every detail is carefully crafted, and any error of plus or minus one millimeter can not be overlooked. Rovnik's high-quality woodworking masters accurately control the birth of the product from the source. .

Wood working

Original from wood, better than wood

Years of amazing make us know the characteristics and application of materials, we make full use of professional knowledge to process every piece of Rovnik's products by ourselves.


Give you the most original natural touch

Make each product a unique artwork.
Rovnik's products always highlight the ultimate beauty and
excellent texture in a concise and clear way.

  • Wood can breathe

    The natural wood imported from Germany, coupled with the exquisite smoking technology of Germany, let the wood reveal the beauty of nature and breathe the breath of life.

  • Solidified into minimal art

    Rovnik's minimalist aesthetics transforms the complex into simple, paying attention to proportions, giving the space a sense of purity, tranquility, and timeless beauty.

  • Exquisite everywhere you can see

    Keeping the inside and outside same is the attitude that Rovnik has always adhered to. Wherever they can be touched such as drawer panels and back panels are made of high-quality wood. All drawer runners are uniformly selected from Hettich highquality hardware, so that the good experience is always the same.

  • Illuminate your elegant beauty

    Rovnik deeply researches the bathroom experience aesthetics, and develops a unique atmosphere light system for elegant dressing. Appropriate embellishment will make you more beautiful and attractive.